10 Healthy lifestyle issues men are experiencing at this time?  and 10 methods to address them

Healthy and happy men and women

1. Lack of physical activity: Exercise is crucial for men's health. It is one of the 8 health laws.  Exercise activities like basic walks are the first line of activities for all ages to start having a healthy lifestyle 

2. Poor diet:  Food is the staff of life. You are what you eat Opt for a balanced diet rich in all essential nutrients, 

3. Stress and mental health:  Stress is the main cause of men's dysfunction. Manage stress effectively or it can put your life in complete chaos. 

4. Lack of sleep:  Rest is one of the 8 health laws. Rest is important to making good decisions and keeping the mental equilibrium; sleep is an important part of rest. 

5. Excessive alcohol consumption: Alcohol can be the gateway to other health issues such as liver diseases. Loss of self-esteem and integrity if not managed early. will leave to social issues also.

6. Smoking: Smoking is a recreational practice that can lead to many complications that lead to major illnesses and even early deaths.

7. Weight management: Obesity is seen as a result of not paying attention to weight management it, occurs most times by not managing food intake, and lack of exercise which can escalate into many other health and social issues.  

8. Regular health check-ups:  Keeps one on top of what could happen silently be happening in the body health-wise. Many men are scared of them but  it is wise to face the possible health issues and address  them early

9. Hydration: Stay adequately  Water is also one of the 8 health laws.  Poor Hydrated is one of the major reasons for lifestyle disease to develop. Water is necessary for the brain and blood to enable the whole body to function effectively. 


10. Mental stimulation:  The brain is the computer that stores the information Like most machines it has to be used .Use it or lose it 

Ten ways to address the most recent and frequent health issues men are  now experiencing



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